Our Company

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy on sports management is it is the fundamental guidance to help athletes realize their God-given potential, achieve goals and objectives, to assist with making sound decisions that benefit the individual in the present and future.

Recognizing the needs and welfare of athletes who make up the organization are paramount to our business success.

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Our Commitment

Inspired 2 Race Professional Sports Management is dedicated to effectively guide our athletes’ career in all aspects, to include brand marketing, financial advice, social media online presence, contract negotiations, public relations, speaking engagements, and image consulting.  We work for the athlete, not the other way around.

Our role and responsibilities are different than typical sports agents. As sports managers, we understand the type of training an athlete requires, as well as assist in researching the best nutritional supplements to ensure the athlete will compete at the highest level with integrity.  Our job is to manage the overall health and well-being of an athlete.


We value our athlete and are dedicated to addressing her needs and concerns as well as helping her reach her goals. Our team of professionals ensures our athletes’ business operates smoothly which allow her to focus on one goal – winning!

Patrice M. Charles
Managing Director
E-mail: Patrice_Charles@inspired2race.com
Phone: 919-638-8951
Durham, North Carolina

Raison d’ĂȘtre

The duties of Inspired 2 Race sports management include staffing, planning, organizing, leading, and directing.  All of these functions are not necessarily performed by one person, but by a dedicated team of professionals.  We feel it is prudent to distribute responsibilities to additional members of the management team, for the reason that, it helps to keep track of what tasks are to be done, who is responsible, how the tasks are to be grouped, who reports to whom, and where decisions are to be made.    Our professional sports management team have concentrated knowledge in areas such as sports law, sports finance, sports marketing, image consulting, and public speaking.