Ericka Joins New Balance RDU

August 2, 2019, ~ Ericka is now a member of Team New Balance RDU. She was officially inducted this past weekend.

The Bond Brothers Running squad captured the win, for the 3rd year in a row, at the Sir Walter Miler Run Club 4×4 relay. I am pretty sure my timing was off since I couldn’t see the exchanges very well. I believe her split was around the 54-sec range; however, I stopped my watch at 00:55.46. Still a pretty decent split in the pouring rain and on a soggy track.

Ericka has worn several shoe brands, but, New Balance fits her foot very well. The new spikes (pictured) are 400m spikes and they are the lightest pair she has ever worn. #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

She had a great time bonding with the team during their photoshoot, long run, stop for smoothies, meet-up with Jay and Jeremy Bond, and the Escape Room in Raleigh.

Please congratulate Ericka on her new sponsors: New Balance Raleigh, Bond Brothers Beer Company, Smoothie King, and Myology Sports Massage. And there’s more coming her way.