Do What You Love


The first question most people ask, “how long do you think Ericka can continue to run?” I find the question relatively silly, because, I do not have a clue as to how long, as in years left, she can continue to run. Okay, let’s get it out in the open. Ericka is 30 years old. I cannot change the year she was born. Nor do I wish to dangle this fact over her head. What I see, and what I fuel is her passion TO run. Anyone can see Ericka loves to run. It is who she is.

I appreciate our road trips because it gives Ericka and I a chance to talk. Radio off. Mobile devices put away. This is our time to get into agreement on certain things. Throughout our track journey, I’ve learned a great deal about keeping what is essential to my greater good, and eliminating waste.

We cannot change the outcome of her races once she has crossed the finish line, however, we are grateful for every race as it is a learning tool for subsequent races. Our most recent discussion led us to agree to do what we love. There we both found instant peace and joy. Isn’t that what life’s all about?

The next time we are approached on the topic of Ericka’s age, I’m simply going to respond, “Ericka will most likely stop running when her passion for the sport runs out” Periodt.

Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month

October is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month. Being on the Autism Spectrum growing up, I was constantly bullied in school and taken advantage of. Thanks to Coach Cheryl Bowden, Durham School of the Arts, for insisting; as well as encouraging me to join her track team in middle school, “running” saved me from the constant bullying I faced everyday. I was respected by everyone who mistreated me. My small advice for dealing with bullies – hold your head up high and perform really well in your extracurricular activities or other talents you have😎

📸: Stuart Jones

DC Runners Track Championship

Dunbar High School, Washington, D.C. ~ Saturday, July 13, 2019, ~ Ericka continues to improve her season’s best performances at 800m. She achieved a new SB 2:08.25. Unfortunately, she did not achieve the National Outdoor Qualifying Standard in time and will skip the competition at Drake Stadium in Des Moines, IA. However, in the spirit of competition, her season is not over!!! That’s right, Ericka has quite a few more chances to improve her time and close out the 2019 Outdoor season on a high note. Next up, Sir Walter Miler, 8/2/2019 at Meredith. Ericka will join her friends on the mixed 4×4 relay. Also, we have big news to share, so please subscribe to our site.

Photo courtesy of 007 Track Fan

NJ International Track & Field Meet

NJ International Track & Field – July 6, 2019, Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ – Ericka put in a good day’s work at The Oval Office last weekend.  She earned 2nd place in the Women’s Elite 800m event with a time of 2:08.91. Coach Williams is pleased with her performance and exclaimed, “she’s doing better and most of all, she’s having fun”.    Ericka was especially enchanted to meet her idol, five-time Olympian, Jearl Miles Clark.  Jearl has earned a World Champion title and Olympic Gold medalist and is well-known for being one of the strongest 400/800m middle-distance combination runners in history.  Next up, Eastern Track League Final/DCRR Track Champs on Saturday, July 13.

Princetown Twilight

On June 30, Ericka ran her 2nd fastest 800m time of the season – 2:09.54. Tough night for her at the Oval Office, but, it is also another lesson learned. Post-race, she immediately called Coach Williams to tell him how the race went for her. As always, she confesses to her coach (and herself) where she faltered in her racing strategy. Ericka positively states, “I definitely had a lot left in the tank and I should have used it up in my race. I’ll keep smiling and move on to the next race😎 Gotta keep grinding”. Next up, 7/6, NJ International Track & Field Meet, Hightstown, NJ

Photo courtesy J. Cutt Photography

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt