Meet Patrice

Patrice is the Managing Director of Inspired 2 Race Sports Management.  She has been single-handedly financing, guiding, and managing Ericka’s post-collegiate track career.  Patrice is the backbone that keeps the company’s business running smoothly.  It is her tenacity that fuels Ericka’s passion to keep going and never, ever give up.

Patrice and Ericka’s inspiring journey began with a vision, which was granted to both simultaneously.  The vision was a picture of Ericka’s track career which simply stated, “don’t quit”.  As Patrice confesses, the urging was very strong, but it came without a blueprint.  The message was to trust and have faith.  Though along the journey, maintaining faith was tough.  However, ever sensitive to her calling, Patrice entered every season with faith and strong-willed determination to help Ericka live her best life doing what she loves to do.

Faith has been the catalyst for Patrice to embark on new territory.  And, in continuing with her faith-based journey, Patrice made the decision to attain her Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Recreation Management at Ashford University to learn more about managing a professional athlete.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2018.  Again, Patrice acted in faith and applied to the Masters in Legal Studies degree program at Arizona State University to increase her knowledge in sports law.  She is set to complete her MLS degree specializing in Sports Law and Business in the spring of 2021.

Patrice’s ultimate goal is to pursue a Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) specializing in Sport and Performance Psychology.