Meet Ericka

Ericka is the muse for Inspired 2 Race Sports Management.  Ericka’s inspiring story of an excellent high school running career, that turned into a disappointing college career, and how she overcame that to reveal a very bright post-collegiate future ahead!

Ericka is a middle-distance runner, specializing in the 800m.  She graduated from the College of Health and Human Performance at East Carolina University in 2011 with a BS in Sports Studies (minor in Communication Studies).  At ECU is where she fell in love with biomechanics and the physiology of exercise; everything about the body’s movement and the different muscle groups. To keep her six-pack shredded, believe it or not, she does 500 crunches a night (religiously).

Photo courtesy J. Cutt Photography

Unfortunately, things did not work out well for Ericka in college as she grew more and more discouraged with each performance. For four years, Ericka confesses, “I came in determined, but left the season feeling humiliated and upset with myself”.

In 2011, Ericka met with the most unfortunate circumstance.  Her uncle, former NC State Wolfpack basketball standout, the late-Lorenzo Charles, was killed in a bus crash (Lorenzo Charles).  That moment changed everything for Ericka.  She realized, though her collegiate career was over, her love and passion for her craft remained strong.  Ericka did not quit.

In 2016, Ericka made the decision to start with a new coach. She contacted well-renowned Coach George “Pup” Williams and joined his team of Elites and the G.W. Express Track Club. Ericka got the opportunity to train with some of the best track and field athletes in the world. Everyone welcomed her with open arms, and it was the change she needed to reignite her love for the track.

Ericka recently became very public about what it is like to live with adult autism.  Autism is a spectrum disorder.  Autism is not singular but is comprised of many different things.  Autism refers to a broad range of cognitive conditions categorized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication (What is Autism, 2019).  Autism is different in each individual and is either un-diagnosed, under-diagnosed, or non-disclosed.  This admission alone makes Ericka incredibly courageous.

Her PRs

400m 56.10
600m 1:31
800m 2:06
1K 2:47
Mile 4:58
Road Mile 4:46

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Ericka currently has her sights set on making Team USA and competing in this year’s World Championship in Doha, Qatar. And, in next year’s 2020 Olympics.

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